Trump IN TEARS A Federal Court Declared Trump Incompetent to Run For President! Donald Trump News

The federal court has just declared Trump incompetent to run for president, as he violated many laws of the nation. MSNBC’s Jen Psaki clarified that Donald Trump ought not to be in the White House once more, as she’s anxious about what rules he will set up. The television host played a clip of the former president, 77, looking at prosecuting his political opponents. Would it be a good idea for him to be the president once more whenever elected for a subsequent term? Please watch till the end, as this news will make your day. Before we proceed, please take some precious seconds of your time to click the Subscribe button below and turn on the notification Bell to receive the latest updates from us.

Donald Trump would indict anybody he considers a foe, release troops on protesters, and basically dismantle Law and Order, as far as we might be concerned. Furthermore, this time he intends to fix his administration with people who will actually help him make it happen. Joe Biden is 3 years older and infrequently stumbles over things. See, there’s a lot to be concerned about right now with regards to a second Trump term, she stated. The discourses are getting substantially more disturbing and significantly more off-the-wall, and we all hear it that way.

It’s also important to talk about all of this and vital to call it out. However, there is nothing more important than delving into his actual plans. The least of Silver Linings here is that Trump is warning us in his own voice with a microphone on and a camera rolling. Incidentally, he’s telling us exactly what he plans to do; we all just have to listen, she continued.

Psaki isn’t the only one worried about Trump becoming the head of the US once more. As previously reported, Representative Jamie Raskin also had a cautionary message for future voters. Indeed, the role of the Public Authority in his view is to advance his political fortunes and destroy his political adversaries. So, what would a second term look like? It would look like Vladimir Putin in Russia, Raskin predicted.

In a blaze of digital fury, Donald Trump unleashed a scathing assault on Judge Arthur Engoron, the overseer of his New York civil fraud trial, mere moments after a temporary lifting of the gag order that prohibited him from criticizing court officials. Taking to his Truth Social platform on Thursday, he branded Engoron a Trump-hating radical left judge and accused him of partaking in a sinister assault on democracy.

Trump, along with the Trump Organization and his two adult sons, finds himself embroiled in a $250 million civil lawsuit, facing allegations of deceitfully inflating their assets to secure more favorable bank loans and tax arrangements. The former president, a leading contender for the 2024 Republican nomination, has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, asserting that in certain instances, his properties were actually undervalued.

On Thursday, a state intermediate appeals court presided over by Judge David Fredman granted a temporary halt to Engoron’s gag order, effectively suspending it due to the constitutional and statutory rights at stake. Engoron had previously imposed fines totaling $115,000 on Trump for twice breaching the order, making baseless insinuations about his law clerk Allison Greenfield, including an unfounded suggestion of a romantic involvement with Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

In a fiery proclamation on his Truth Social platform, Trump unleashed his fury upon Engoron and Greenfield, lambasting their actions as a ridiculous and unconstitutional gag order that prevented him from defending himself against their politically biased and unhinged antics. He accused the Engoron court of sinking to new depths of disgrace with the potential consequence of forever banishing businesses and jobs from the great state of New York.

Trump passionately declared that this assault on democracy must be swiftly terminated. Unyielding in his assault, Trump persisted in his dire tirade through a subsequent post, branding Engoron as a judge consumed by a vehement hatred for him and a radical leftist ideology. He lamented that Engoron had become the most overturned judge in the entire state of New York, a dubious distinction indeed.

The temporary lifting of the gag order, Trump asserted, only served to expose the unconstitutional nature of its existence, which unjustly prevented him and his legal team from discussing crucial aspects of the fraud case. Trump vehemently denied any wrongdoing, accusing Engoron and Leticia James of perpetrating the very fraud they accused him of by intentionally and outrageously undervaluing his assets to falsely paint him as guilty.

Trump boldly claimed that witnesses and experts had conclusively proven the conservative nature of his financial statements, debunking the inflated claims made against him. The fate of the gag order now rests in the hands of Judge Fredman, who will determine its constitutionality, as fervently argued by Trump’s legal team. In September, Engoron concurred with prosecutors, finding that the Trumps had exaggerated the value of their properties. He declared with a touch of theatrical flare that such a colossal disparity could only be deemed a deceitful act by a seasoned real estate developer evaluating his own abode over the course of decades.

However, the judge has yet to pass judgment on six other allegations encompassing the fabrication of business records, insurance fraud, and conspiracy charges. It is important to note that the New York case is a civil matter devoid of any criminal implications. Consequently, if found guilty, neither Trump nor any of his co-defendants would face the prospect of imprisonment. Meanwhile, the former president finds himself entangled in four separate criminal trials, accused of orchestrating hush money payments to an adult film star, mishandling classified documents, and unlawfully attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election outcome both nationally and specifically in the state of Georgia.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to all charges, vehemently asserting that they are driven by political motives. In a stunning turn of events, the courtroom was rocked by Michael Cohen’s testimony during the ongoing court proceedings involving former President Donald Trump on that fateful day of November 16th, 2023. The trial, which revolved around allegations of financial misconduct and fraud surrounding Trump’s business ventures in New York, had everyone glued to their seats.

But little did they know Cohen was about to drop some serious bombs. Not only did he finger Trump in shady financial practices, but he also hinted at a whole new level of sketchiness that could land him in hot water. Cohen, who had previously spilled the beans to federal investigators and testified before Congress, claimed that Trump was well aware of and actively participated in these misleading financial activities way back when he was just a private businessman.

Looks like things just got a whole lot juicier in the courtroom. In Cohen’s testimony, he really threw some punches at Trump. One of the juiciest points was when he accused Trump of inflating his assets to get loans and deflating them to dodge taxes. It’s like a classic case of cooking the books. And guess what? These are the same allegations that other investigations have been looking into. So, it’s not just Cohen’s word against Trump’s. He even had the documents and messages to back it all up.

Talk about dropping bombshells. The courtroom must have been buzzing with tension as Cohen spilled the beans on his personal experiences with Trump. He painted a picture of a businessman who would stop at nothing to make a buck, even if it meant bending or breaking the rules. And man, did it catch the defense off guard. They were left scrambling, trying to poke holes

in Cohen’s credibility and the evidence he presented.

All in all, it was a wild ride in that courtroom. Cohen definitely brought the heat and left everyone wondering just how deep Trump’s financial shenanigans really go. It seems like Trump, the master of dismissing accusations, is facing quite the pickle. The trial that everyone can’t stop talking about just got even juicier. The media is going wild, dissecting every last detail of Cohen’s testimony and what it could mean for Trump’s legal troubles.

Political analysts are chiming in, predicting the potential fallout for Trump’s image and his political future. This trial, initially just a check on the legal system’s ability to hold a former president accountable, has now become a serious investigation into the ethical conduct of Trump’s business practices. Trump’s legal team, bless their hearts, are scrambling to discredit Cohen and throw doubt on his claims.

With the trial heating up, it’s not just Trump’s reputation on the line, but also his political future. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, waiting for the judge’s decisions and what they would mean for Trump’s legacy.

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