Procedural Pitfall: Trump’s Legal Team Faces Potential Fallout in Mistrial Motion Fiasco

In a surprising turn of events, Donald Trump’s legal team may find themselves in deeper trouble than anticipated due to the procedural missteps leading up to their motion for a mistrial in the New York civil fraud case. Reports from the courtroom suggest that a discussion between Alina Haba, representing Trump, and Judge Engoron took an unexpected turn regarding how the mistrial motion would be filed.

Initially, there was speculation about a possible settlement discussion between the parties, but insiders now reveal that the conversation revolved around the logistics of filing the motion. The judge suggested a more discreet approach using an order to show cause, providing time for a courtesy review and potential redactions or sealing of sensitive information. However, it seems Trump’s legal team didn’t adhere to this delicate strategy.

Instead, they proceeded to file the motion with explicit attacks on the principal law clerk, including her name, photos, and unfounded allegations. This move not only goes against the judge’s guidance but raises ethical concerns, particularly as it violates the existing gag order preventing any attacks on the law clerk.

The reported procedural misstep may have serious consequences for Trump’s legal team, as they could face allegations of misleading the court and committing ethical violations. The judge, known for his strict courtroom decorum, may now respond by initiating an evidentiary hearing to address the apparent breach of procedural expectations.

As this legal drama unfolds, it remains to be seen how Judge Engoron will react to this latest development. Join us on Legal AF, the podcast at the crossroads of law and politics, for in-depth analyses of this case and other legal hot topics every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:00 AM Eastern Time on the Midas Touch Network’s YouTube channel. Thumbs up if you’re ready for the next legal update!

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