Folks, this is a video I’d like to make where Judge Eileen Cannon screwed herself so badly. As I’ve said before, her corruption is matched by her incompetence, and once again, we see that in play. When the Fulton County District Attorney utilized the corruption mixed with incompetence of Judge Eileen Canon to say, ‘You know what? We’re going to ask Judge McAfee in Fulton County to set the trial date in the Georgia State Criminal RICO case for August 5th, 2024, because Judge Eileen Cannon ain’t moving her docket along anytime soon.’

Now, you can go back to a prior hot take I did on this, or you should watch the prior Midas Touch podcast before Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis even made the motion requesting the August 5th, 2024 trial date. Because, let’s just say, we predicted it here. We nailed exactly what Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis was going to do and what Fani Willis was waiting for.

But you may have been asking, why hasn’t Fani Willis requested a trial date yet? What was she waiting on? As I said, she was waiting to see, and go back to the legal AFS where we talk about this as well. I knew she was waiting to see what Judge Eileen Cannon was going to do with her docket.

Donald Trump requested that Judge Cannon in the Federal Southern District of Florida case regarding the Mar-a-Lago documents, willful retention of National Defense information, making fraudulent statements, and obstruction of justice. Donald Trump requested the dates be moved and adjourned, and then Judge Eileen Cannon kept on moving the dates with paperless orders. She stayed her other dates and deadlines in early October. Then, on October 19th, she had this November 1st hearing where she was inclined to move the dates. Then, on November 10th, she finally issued a scheduling order. In the scheduling order, she said that, ‘I’m going to keep the May 20th, 2024 date, but on March 1, 2024, we’re going to have a scheduling conference where we’re going to then look at the trial date and see if the trial date of May 20th, 2024, should remain.’

As I looked at the scheduling order that Judge Cannon issued on November 10th, I thought, ‘This is pretty pathetic.’ This scheduling order is missing key dates. This case involves the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA). But I was looking at it, and I thought, ‘Where’s CIPA Section 5? Where’s CIPA Section 6?’ Okay, maybe you don’t put CIPA Section 6 in the scheduling order. Section 5 is the key CIPA deadline in a CIPA case, which is the defendant has to give notice of the classified documents they’re going to utilize at trial.

So, I’m thinking to myself, ‘How is she going to have this May 20th, 2024 trial date without a CIPA Section 5 deadline?’ Then, Special Counsel Jack Smith swoops in there and gives notice to Judge Cannon and says, ‘Hey, Judge Cannon, you missed your CIPA Section 5 deadline, the key deadline in a CIPA case like this one.’ And then Judge Cannon responds with a paperless order and says, ‘Nope, I didn’t forget. I’m just going to think about CIPA Section 5 until after March 1, 2024.’

So then, on the podcast, the last podcast we did before Fulton County District Attorney F. Willis filed this motion, I said, ‘You know what F. Willis should swoop in now and say, okay, Judge Cannon’s keeping that May 20th, 2024 trial date. Well, Judge, I want to request a date now in June or July.’ I said, ‘Okay, F. Willis, request August 5th.’ I was so close, but I had pretty much nailed down what Fulton County District Attorney F. Willis’s strategy was going to be.

So why did Judge Cannon screw Donald Trump here? Because she kept her May date, thinking in her own mind, ‘Well, I’m a federal judge, and that means that the state prosecutor must respect what it is that I’m doing here. And if I’m going to keep this deadline, they’re not going to make that request during this time period.’ Well, nobody respects you, Judge Eileen Cannon. You are the least respected judge. You are a MAGA judge, that’s who you are. You are the worst judge, perhaps one of the worst judges in American history, and all of the judiciary, from the federal judiciary to the state judiciary, thinks that you are an absolute clown, Judge Eileen Cannon, because you are. Who doesn’t include a CIPA Section 5 deadline in a scheduling order in a case involving CIPA? So ridiculous.

So Judge Cannon screws herself here, and then you have Fulton County, you like my sound effects, F. Fulton County District Attorney F. Willis then files the motion with Judge McAfee in Fulton County, Georgia, and says, ‘Hey, McAfee, look, let’s set this date now for August 5th, 2024. Let’s have the RICO case.’ And now, where this also screws Judge Cannon as well right here is that now, when Judge Cannon has the hearing on March 1 for the scheduling, one of the things that Jack Smith’s going to say is, ‘Well, you can’t have the case in August. That’s going to be, well, the Fulton County District Attorney requesting that case in August.’ Now, we’ll see if Judge McAfee actually sets the trial date for the August 5th date that Fulton County District Attorney F. Willis is requesting. But I think McAfee just may. Maybe he sets it slightly after May, maybe he sets it for September. But I can foresee a world where McAfee actually sets it on that date.

Now, Donald Trump’s already filed a motion and a notice opposing right away. Trump filed a notice and motion opposing the trial date of August 5th, 2024. But let’s take a look at F. Willis’s motion right here. Let’s pull it up just so you can see how F. Willis used Judge Cannon’s trial date against her. Here it is right here:

‘Comes now the State of Georgia by and through F. County District Attorney F. Willis and moves this court to schedule trial for the remaining defendants to August 5th, 2024. Here’s where it references the other trial dates: Currently, defendant Trump is set for trial in the District of Columbia on March 4th, 2024, and the Southern District of Florida on May 20th, 2024. So, a start date of August 5th, 2024, is therefore unlikely to be subject to delay or interference from these other trials. Additionally, setting trial to begin on August 5th, 2024, would begin trial within one year of August 14, 2023, the date of the indictment and would show deference to each of the defendant’s constitutional speedy trial rights. The August 5th, 2024, trial date would balance these two scheduling concerns.

So there it is, balancing the issue, balancing the trial dates

that exist. So now, what is the ball in Trump’s court? So when Trump opposes this trial date, what’s Trump going to argue? Trump’s probably going to try to argue, ‘Well, the trial date that’s taking place in the Southern District of Florida before Judge Eileen Cannon, that’s not likely to actually take place in May of 2024.’ So then, if I’m F. Willis, then I go, ‘Okay, if you think that the trial date’s not going to go in May, Judge, we have a perfect solution here. Judge McAfee, then why don’t we set our trial date for May of 2024?’ This is what F. Willis is going to do. Then why don’t we set our trial date for May of 2024 if Trump thinks that it’s going to be delayed and that the March 1, 2024, scheduling conference that Judge Cannon’s going to set is going to delay the trial date. Then that’s fine. We’ll move this trial in Georgia to the May date, and we could set both of them in May. And when Judge Cannon moves hers to August or later, we could then go, ‘Then it also forces Judge Cannon in March to say I’m going to set my trial in August or whatever she’s going to say.’ So now, Cannon has to react to that. And I just love—I don’t know about you—that F. Willis didn’t give a crap about Judge Eileen Cannon. Didn’t care. And I think if Judge Cannon had acted in good faith, then F. Willis, I think, would have respected her. But F. Willis, like we all know here in the Midas Touch community, we know who’s acting in bad faith here. We know how Judge Cannon acts. So basically, Fulton County Attorney F. Willis is like, ‘All right, clown judge, we are going in August. What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do about it, Cannon?’ So great to see. And hopefully, that breakdown explained the dynamics at play here better for you.

The short of it is, Judge Cannon, in trying to help Donald Trump by protecting that May 20th, 2024, trial date, actually screwed herself because Fulton County District Attorney F. Willis has no respect for Cannon and set the date in August. Was like, ‘See you later, Cannon.'”

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