Former President Donald Trump claimed in a recent Truth Social media post that the evidence of his former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, had imploded the civil fraud case that New York Attorney General Letitia James had launched against him. Trump’s remark raises issues about the tenor of the trial and the impact of Cohen’s statements on the judicial processes, as reported by The Hill on Thursday, November 16th, 2023.

In his post, Trump asked, “Why doesn’t the implosion of the AG of New York State’s star witness and this Witch Hunt,” explicitly mentioning Cohen’s testimony. He admitted on the stand that he lied and that “I never told him or anyone else to inflate the numbers.” The former president continued by saying that the figures in the case were low and very conservative, which is the exact reverse of what the lawsuit says. Trump pointed fingers at the judge and the Attorney General, stating, “The fraud is by the judge in AG, not by me.”

The idea that Cohen’s testimony undermines the foundation of James’ case is central to Trump’s argument. Legal professionals counter that Trump might be oversimplifying the case. Trump has referred to Cohen as James’ star witness, and in response to the seeming contradictions in his testimony, Cohen emphasized the complexity of his interactions with the former president. According to Cohen, Trump speaks like a mob boss and is able to give instructions without giving them out directly. He further charged the lawyers of cherry-picking passages from his testimony.

As Trump obsesses on Cohen’s admissions of lying, legal experts remind that Supreme Court Justice Arthur Angaran, the case’s judge, has already determined that James’ evidence was adequate to support her case before the trial ever started.

There are more far-reaching effects on Trump’s post-presidential life and political prospects from the ongoing legal drama. Allegations that the Trump Organization manipulated property valuations to obtain loans and insurance are at the center of the fraud investigation. The former president may face severe legal repercussions if these allegations are validated.

Trump’s use of social media to express his opinions about the trial is similar to his approach to communicate both before and after becoming president. Even as court cases progress, his capacity to control the narrative through these means continues to be crucial to public opinion.

The relationship between Trump, Cohen, and James will probably change as the trial goes on in the legal community and among the general public. Trump’s declarations of victory, which he based on his analysis of Cohen’s testimony, will be closely watched. The verdict in the trial could have a significant impact on Trump’s legal status and political power in the upcoming months.

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